Darren Has a Breakdown
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Darren Has a Breakdown

2017-2019 3 Seasons

During his court ordered therapy sessions, Darren recounts all the trouble he finds himself in as he struggles to move on following the breakup from Steph, the love of his life. Darren’s long suffering best friend and often ignored voice of reason, Tony, is always on hand to look out for him. One way or another, Darren will finally get over Steph or find a way to win her back.

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Contains Closed Captions
Genres Comedy
Language English
Country United Kingdom

Freshly dumped and in the depths of a post-breakup depression, Darren tries everything he can to get over his ex-girlfriend.

Darren continues his quest to adjust to life A.S. (After Steph) with the help of new friends.

Darren's tale comes to an end.

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Episodes Trailers