Stage Mums

Shaz and Trace are besties with ‘super talented, quadruple threat’ teenage daughters, Shenaya and Abcde. They are bogan, Aussie Stage Mums who tackle all the important issues: pretentious kids, obnoxious parents, eisteddfods, social media, dodgy castings and Sav Blanc. These Mums will go to any lengths to give their daughters opportunities to showcase their ‘amazing talents’.

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Stage Mums Season 1

Season 1 - Shaz Dicker & Trace Grogan; two loveable Aussie stage mothers, will do everything they can to make their daughters famous & feed off their success. When things don't advance as planned, they take matters into their own hands, opening a talent agency to propel their daughters to fame. They hit the big time when they accidentally recruit a Star, and decide to expand the venture.

Season: 1

Coming Soon!

Stage Mums will begin streaming Apr 14, 2018.

Click on the trailer link above to catch a preview!


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This title is not currently available to the general public.

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