Adventures in Online Dating
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Adventures in Online Dating

2018 1 Seasons

When traditional blind dates fail them, four millennial best friends create online dating profiles in order to find connection in this wacky, yet empowering tech age. Along the way, they meet unusual characters, find themselves in awkward situations, and learn about love, life, and themselves.

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Genres RomanceComedyDrama
Language English

Tina's a control freak with a 5-yr plan, a 10-yr plan, a 50-yr plan, etc. Fay's a punk rock aspiring actress with no clue what she's doing tomorrow. Wren just wants to find her soul mate and do what she was put on this planet to do: counsel kids through the tough times in her life. These friends do have 1 thing in common: they can't have a successful date to save their lives.

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