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Sexism, the image about yourself, depression, all this and much more is part of the history of Mirror Webseries (Espelho). With script and direction by Diego Rodrigues and produced by Canal Prisma, the series tells six stories of six young people who face situations of existential crisis. Will they be able to face their demons?
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In Hops We Trust

In Hops We Trust is a collaboration between film makers and craft beer industry pioneers. The series focuses on craft beer's popularity, stories from the brewers, and the industry's regional differences.
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Three young creatives work as freelancers for various clients and struggle to survive the lifestyle.
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In the Land of the Wolves

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, shot with the support of the Basque Government, this series revives some of the basque mythological characters reinterpreted into a mad-max-like universe, where living seems impossible for Hodei and her dog because in this mad-land a threat always awaits...