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Meet Jenn and Eddie. Two friends in a pandemic navigating dating, social media, and political correctness. They are: BOTHERED
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The Hunted: NYCSS

This new media action horror comedy follows a group of misfit vampire slayers in New York City. Kendra and Amara, best friends, take a stage combat class with their buddies Max and Evann. Instructor Phil and administrator Diana move the group to a dungeon below class. Our fearful four are exposed to their first vampire, Nic. They learn that vampires are real and cannot be killed by conventional means anymore. Our unlikely heroes train and meet some magical beings along the way. They learn that vampires have a new elixir that keeps them alive forever. Our heroes must find a way to reverse the effects and rid New York City of the Vampire infestation. Slayers and Vampires go head to head in an epic sword fight. Who will win? Or… who can stay alive the longest?
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What A Drag

Two best Judies, Preston and Ben, navigate the insane she-nanigans life throws at them. From makeup mishaps to medical diagnosis, these queens make lemon drop martinis out of lemons as they untuck the power of found family.
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Gray Ground

After the perfect evening ends in an arrest, Bobby Braxton retraces his date’s steps in search of an alibi before she’s committed for murder.