Looking for LGBTQ+ prospects?

Gray Ground

After the perfect evening ends in an arrest, Bobby Braxton retraces his date’s steps in search of an alibi before she’s committed for murder.
Looking for Native American/First Nations prospects?

Fem 101

When Miss Kat agreed to teach this community ed class in feminism, she never expected this diverse group of rollicking misfits to sign up. These 8 ‘students’ never expected Miss Kat's unconventional curriculum. In this wild comedy, everyone learns that a feminist can be anybody.
Looking for French Canadian prospects?

Answer Me Daddy

This award winning humoristic web series depicts the story of Gabriel, a single dad, who has shared custody of his son Tyson, a mischievous and witty 6-year-old boy. Gabriel and Tyson are best friends: they play tricks on each other, have lengthy discussions about life’s mysteries and come up with new games and challenges to spice up their days.
Looking for LatinX prospects?

Yes We Candidate

The story of Jerome Ali and his grassroots campaign to become mayor of his small rural town. Early in his campaign he enlists the help of his college friend and political consultant Sadie. In need of a speechwriter Sadie reaches out to a shark-like consultant and speechwriter named John Bearez and a clash of societal, racial and political identity ensues.