Looking for French Canadian prospects?

Answer Me Daddy

This award winning humoristic web series depicts the story of Gabriel, a single dad, who has shared custody of his son Tyson, a mischievous and witty 6-year-old boy. Gabriel and Tyson are best friends: they play tricks on each other, have lengthy discussions about life’s mysteries and come up with new games and challenges to spice up their days.
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A struggling actress who can't be lied to, a British barista who can read minds and a couch potato that knows the future just want to make it through the day. But when a mysterious young woman enters their lives, their abilities - and their friendship - comes under threat.
Looking for Black prospects?

Right In The Left Lane

This 5-part web series chronicles the ups and downs of life on a Democratic political campaign in the Republican stronghold of South Carolina. When Darius, a charismatic yet technology challenged Black Congressional candidate in South Carolina, agrees to bring on his former college roommate and Republican State Party Chair, he hopes to build a better campaign strategy. But mixing a lifelong Republican with his die-hard Democratic staff might not be completely smooth sailing. From their fist joint press conference, through a botched donor visit and a night in jail, watch as this eccentric campaign staff creates chaos on-and-off the campaign trail, and comes together in the pursuit of the one thing they all love - a chance to make this country a little better for everyone.
Looking for Native American/First Nations prospects?

Fem 101

When Miss Kat agreed to teach this community ed class in feminism, she never expected this diverse group of rollicking misfits to sign up. These 8 ‘students’ never expected Miss Kat's unconventional curriculum. In this wild comedy, everyone learns that a feminist can be anybody.