If you like Sci-Fi/Fantasy


Brothers Cornelius and Shawnathon travel through the galaxy looking to get revenge on the evil Lord Masterlord after he turned their dad into a pile of goop. Along the way they see some old friends, make some new enemies, and hear some bad renditions of Steely Dan songs. Inspired by Laser Cats (SNL) and cringe-worthy dad jokes, Dadship is a PG-13 romp through the universe.
If you like Teen


A group of teenagers realize that high school is not how it appears on TV, for better and worse.
If you like Comedy

Happy Epidemic

Happy Epidemic is a comedy web series set in real-time against the backdrop of the coronavirus crisis, created entirely in the 2020 lockdown. The show is set in 21 year old Jake Jones’ family home where – after his mother flees to the countryside – he lives alone. Like the rest of the real world, Jake is struggling to get a grip of what the ‘new normal’ that everyone keeps talking about really means. Each episode of Happy Epidemic poses a new lockdown-life obstacle or, we dare say, adventure! And thanks to Jake’s best friend ‘Frank’ and ‘Laszlo’ – let’s just call him an acquaintance for now – he meets new, curious people from all over the globe eager to help him get a grip on this new era.
If you like Documentary and Reality

Boss Hoggin Road Trip Series

World-class strongman Marshall Zinn has huge muscles, a larger-than-life personality, and a massive fear of anything unfamiliar. In this series, we join him as he tries his hand at odd activities to find out what they are all about.