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2022 1 Seasons

INTERROBANG is a show about our insecurities and how they can and do surface even after being completely physically uninhibited with someone. Insecurities that can make you wonder: “Am I lovable even if…?”

Even if… I need battery powered assistance to orgasm?
Even if… my life is completely falling apart?
Even if… I make weird art that you don’t understand?
Even if… it wasn’t just sex for me and I have actual feelings for you?
Even if… I do disgusting things – like fart or eat food off the floor?
Even if… I admit love you and want to marry you?

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Contains Closed Captions
Created by Paige Feldman
Cast Shane AntolakHavon BarakaKayleen CaseyJennifer J. CheungMarvin J. EdmondsRose GuessStephanie JamesIsaac LopezKyle MullinsAmery ThaoAnsa WooConnie LoveErika Gonzalez
Genres ComedyRomance
Themes New Filmmakers
Language English
Country United States

Each episode of INTERROBANG revolves around a different couple (or throuple) who are dealing with their own anxieties and insecurities in the moments after sex.