Some Nigeria

Loving the Other

Three inter-tribal couples from Nigeria, West Africa talk about their candid experiences with being married to an ethnic other
Some Australia

After Nightfall

“After Nightfall” is an award-winning web series that asks the question, “Who Killed Troy McLeavey”? When an 18 year old boy from a small town is murdered, everyone is a suspect. His family, his drug dealing Uncle, his boyfriend, his ex-boyfriend and conservative parents, the town thug and the sleazy local bookshop owner. But just who killed Troy McLeavey?
Some France

Sagesse2rue (Tales4Today)

"Sagesse2rue/Tales4Today" is a social chronicle that revisits the wise fables of popular oral tradition, through short, modern and urban stories, shot just down the street.
Some Uganda


In the daily commuter taxi in Kampala, people from different places sit for a good part of their day to get to where they are going. With diverse personalities, annoying, funny and strange things inevitably happen.