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Gifted Corporation

Hugo Silva is a detective obsessed with uncovering mysteries and unraveling conspiracies. While investigating the case of a serial killer, he joins forces with NYC police detective Sean Thornton. Together they discover an unbelievable conspiracy when they encounter individuals with very unique "gifts" and the ominous company at the center of it all, the Gifted Corporation.
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Right In The Left Lane

This 5-part web series chronicles the ups and downs of life on a Democratic political campaign in the Republican stronghold of South Carolina. When Darius, a charismatic yet technology challenged Black Congressional candidate in South Carolina, agrees to bring on his former college roommate and Republican State Party Chair, he hopes to build a better campaign strategy. But mixing a lifelong Republican with his die-hard Democratic staff might not be completely smooth sailing. From their fist joint press conference, through a botched donor visit and a night in jail, watch as this eccentric campaign staff creates chaos on-and-off the campaign trail, and comes together in the pursuit of the one thing they all love - a chance to make this country a little better for everyone.
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Necessary Evil

Necessary Evil tells the story of a low-level demon at Hell LLP who is mysteriously promoted to CEO. Suddenly he must navigate a very different world of office politics, deal with new, powerful adversaries, and figure out why he was chosen.
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KANAGA follows the journey of Mardin Tamay, 38 year old Physicist searching for his father, an archeologist presumed dead for 30 years. On this journey around the world, he will explore his true self and discover that he is one of the mystical figures known as Kanaga. 13 good souls who reincarnate whenever the earth is in danger, who are about to re-emerge to heal the world.