Some Turkey


KANAGA follows the journey of Mardin Tamay, 38 year old Physicist searching for his father, an archeologist presumed dead for 30 years. On this journey around the world, he will explore his true self and discover that he is one of the mystical figures known as Kanaga. 13 good souls who reincarnate whenever the earth is in danger, who are about to re-emerge to heal the world.
Some Italy


Lana seeks help on social networks to find her missing father, after a smartphone’s application, the GhostCam, predicts his death. An unknown woman online reveals to Lana that the GhostCam application records the Soon-to-Die: Spirits of people close to death. Lana's brother Pierre is in danger, but still alive, and Lana knows how to save him.
Some Argentina


Five friends are invited to a reunion party for the 15 years of graduates. Martin realizes that his unrequited love has just divorced and sees a new opportunity at this party.
Some India


Interlude is a poetic amalgamation of two Art Forms. Six homeschooled improvisation theater artists, who in the process of treating a case of amnesia through their art form, unearth their own wounds.