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In the daily commuter taxi in Kampala, people from different places sit for a good part of their day to get to where they are going. With diverse personalities, annoying, funny and strange things inevitably happen.
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KANAGA follows the journey of Mardin Tamay, 38 year old Physicist searching for his father, an archeologist presumed dead for 30 years. On this journey around the world, he will explore his true self and discover that he is one of the mystical figures known as Kanaga. 13 good souls who reincarnate whenever the earth is in danger, who are about to re-emerge to heal the world.
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From the creators of In the Land of the Wolves comes the action-packed web series, Navajete. Is he simply a wanderer? A political prisoner? A criminal? An avenger? He's NAVAJETE!
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In Hops We Trust

In Hops We Trust is a collaboration between film makers and craft beer industry pioneers. The series focuses on craft beer's popularity, stories from the brewers, and the industry's regional differences.