Salir - A South American Adventure
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Salir - A South American Adventure

2023 1 Seasons

Salir - A South American Adventure

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Subtitles in English an Other Languages
Created by Josh Earle
Cast Josh EarleTinaToiaFreddieRamiroJinRyanAyelenGabiAndreCarlyMicaFernanda
Genres Documentary and Reality
Themes New Filmmakers
Language English
Country Argentina

It all begins with a one-way ticket. London to São Paulo...

Four part series of one man's adventure into South America. The perfect unorthodox travel guide.

Shot over 5 months, the film is set in Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile. Adventures include pathfinding in mountainous jungle, getting lost in giant cities, driving precarious desert roads, drinking too much, boating around islands, falling asleep on pristine beaches, eating mysterious fruit, butchering languages, coming to terms with cultural norms and meeting many colourful characters along the way.

Strap yourself in and take notes...

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