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All Talk

2020 2 Seasons

Russell Moretti gives twenty dollar therapy sessions out of the van he lives in. He doesn’t have a degree, but he’s read all the self help books he could get his hands on. Strangely enough, he is helping people.

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Contains Closed Captions
Genres Comedy
Language English
Country United States

When we meet our heroes, Doyle finds himself stuck living with his parents and having suicidal thoughts after being dumped by his long-time girlfriend. He seeks out Moretti, a self-appointed “talk coach,” whose set-up is anything but professional.

With Moretti in hiding, Doyle acts as Moretti’s Talk Coach and tries to help him face the past he’s been running away from. When Moretti sees the truth in Doyle’s wisdom, their friendship takes a turn.

With them both up against an existential crisis, an opportunity is born and Moretti and Doyle discover a way to help each other. Guest star Jason Mewes (Clerks/Jay and Silent Bob Reboot)

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