Bourgeois & Maurice: Youthanasia
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Bourgeois & Maurice: Youthanasia

2019 1 Seasons

Infamous Neo-Cabaret stars Bourgeois & Maurice battle their audience, theatre management, an adult baby and a RuPaul’s Drag Race superfan in a desperate attempt to procure the life-preserving make-up that has kept them youthful for the two centuries since they first landed on Earth.

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Contains Closed Captions
Genres ComedySci-Fi/Fantasy
Language English
Country United Kingdom

The awakening of Maurice’s maternal instinct. Bourgeois wants to kill Maurice’s baby and turn it into youth powder, the answer to all their problems. Maurice is initially indifferent about sacrificing her child, but as the season progresses becomes more protective until she is faced with the ultimate choice: stay with Bourgeois, or leave him behind to look after her child.

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