Burning Violins
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Burning Violins

2018 1 Seasons

These bards are loony people! It's a fairy tale where the bad guys take it in turns with the good ones, an adventure in a time that doesn't exist. It is the story of everyday people who, to be credible, seem to be invented but for God’s sake, not in good faith, but to make fun of those who ignore the problem’s true aspect.

This is a bard’s story.

And beware, bards cheat!

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Subtitles in English an Other Languages
Genres ComedySci-Fi/Fantasy
Language Italian
Country Italy

Essilo and Arialco, two adventurers, just arrived in town and they can't imagine what the devilish Bardolo holds for them. When 2 people know something, Bardolo is the third to know it.
Tigotea, a pretty peasant girl, to save herself from debt, has to sell the Alapapua, the best wine you'll ever taste, which leaves the thoughts of the person drinking it on the glass bottom.

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