Jesse and the Cockroaches
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Jesse and the Cockroaches

2018 1 Seasons

Jesse is a bright-eyed 24-year-old musician new to LA. Rent is expensive and Jesse jumps on the first affordable opportunity she can find, a band of cockroaches!

The Roaches hope living with a human will stop their landlord, Gregory, from attempting to fumigate their home. Plus, with a human in their band they know people will pay attention to their music.

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Genres Comedy
Language English

Through trial & error Jesse and her new Cockroach roommates learn how to deal with each others differences. These differences include privacy, way of life, and how they date. Ultimately what keeps them together is their love of music and the friendship that continues to blossom. Living with people isn't easy, and as Jesse discovers, living with a bunch of bugs is an adventure.

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