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NewB the Web Series!

2019 3 Seasons

Erin arrives in NYC with stars in her eyes, but career woes, isolation, and loneliness creep in, leaving her lost and discouraged. When her agent tells her that she’s booked the show she (mistakenly) auditioned for, chronicling the history of Prostitutes in the Old West, her euphoria and sense of humor put her right back on top. She’s gonna make it after all!

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Genres MusicalComedy
Language English
Country United States

Erin moves to New York City to follow her dreams and discovers that it isn't what she expected. Misjudging trains, mistaken celebrity sighting, and doing whatever it takes to have access to HBO, Erin learns lessons the hard way. On the brink of giving up, some of her hard work pays off.

Erin continues to audition and try to make life in New York City work.

New apartment, new job, new friends! Erin is starting to get the hang of this New York thing! What she didn’t plan on was new stalkers, new health fads and new jukebox musicals! Season 3 is packed with adult diapers, a trip to Paris and five fully staged musical numbers!

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Episodes Trailers