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Playdates Anonymous

2018 1 Seasons

Leah joins a playgroup with baby #3. Lead by Ms. Barbara, Ph.T: Playgroup Helper & Therapist, the moms and one work at home dad are in constant competition.  As competitive as they seem they keep returning. Maybe for unity, maybe for their kids to play, or maybe for the shirtless, male model, that serves wine at the end of every session.

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Contains Closed Captions
Genres Comedy
Language English

Leah joins a playgroup with baby #3. The competitive group is lead by Ms. Barbara, who's convinced she’s their therapist, and Leah, is her newest study. Leah journey’s through several weeks with these parents to learn at the end that there’s no one right way to raise kids and that it truly takes a village…but can she really handle this particular village?

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