The Pantsless Detective

This comedy noir series follows the continuing adventures of the plucky Pantsless Detective, Richard Panceliss, his intrepid intern, Smitty, and the truehearted Temperance Friday as they solve mysteries and right the wrongs that need rightening.

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The Pantsless Detective Season 1

The Mystery of the Pilot Episode - The slyly seductive Phem LaRue hires private dick Panceliss to tail her cheating husband, but trusty intern Smitty quickly casts doubt on her story.

The Pantsless Detective Season 2

A Smitty's Ransom - After the delivery of a mysterious note concerning the heretofore unnoticed disappearance of Smitty, Panceliss and Sgt. McAdams, his biggest rival, and known bird-hater, confront each other about what neither knows.

The Pantsless Detective Season 3

Framed by the Past - A mysterious woman from Panceliss' past makes an unwelcome reappearance, but Dick is unable to stay out of her web, agreeing reluctantly to tail her for protection. Their reunion is short-lived though as she has no threats and Panceliss has no patience. But an intruder ransacking his office adds confusion and threatens a contusion!

The Pantsless Detective Season 4

Play It Again, Dick! - Origins “originned” and a whole lotta fried pigeon! Phem Faye Tall’s return! Thugs, fezzes, pirates, Canadians, and a flash back to pantsier times. Plus, the Pantsless Detective sings!

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The Pantsless Detective will begin streaming Jan 02, 2017.

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This title is not currently available to the general public.

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