The Spell Tutor
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The Spell Tutor

2018 4 Seasons

Emma Colden must take extra lessons at Fenchurch Academy, a school of magic she attends with her friend Parissia. As the school year unfolds, Emma discovers a secret about her past that involves the mysterious Myrmex Society. She and Parissia soon find themselves fighting for their lives against a determined enemy.

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Contains Closed Captions
Genres FamilySci-Fi/Fantasy
Language English
Country Canada

Emma begins extra lessons at Fenchurch Academy, a school of magic. She soon uncovers a mysterious secret involving the Myrmex Society that leads to trouble for her and everyone around her.

Emma probes deeper into the mystery surrounding her, while dealing with an emotional conflict with her father. Events cause her to act out of desperation, leading to disastrous consequences.

The conflict with the Myrmex Society intensifies and to make matters worse, Emma must fight the battle without Parissia's support.

The reappearance of Caltain's old friend throws the already strained situation with the Myrmex Society into further disarray.

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