Utopia Planitia
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Utopia Planitia

2020 1 Seasons

2120. Forty years after the fall of Earth. A small colony thrives in a small corner of the otherwise inhospitable Martian landscape called Utopia Planitia. The untimely death of a company executive raises questions among three colonists who will soon discover that heaven isn't all that it seems.

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Contains Closed Captions Subtitles in English an Other Languages
Created by George Reese
Cast Kendra AlauraJamel AndersonNelle June AndersonBill CooperGabi del MoralNoah GillettOliver MendRose of DollsElora RileyReyna RiosCynthia UhrichCaris Vujcec
Genres ThrillerSci-Fi/Fantasy
Language English
Country United States

The company's Vice President of Terraforming, Jeremy Reyes, asks to meet investigative reporter Cala Rodriguez in a seedy bar in the refugee sector. Soon after they meet, he's dead. Of natural causes.

But something seems wrong.

Episodes Trailers Zigor's Vlog Basque Coproduction

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