Or So the Story Goes
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Or So the Story Goes

2017-2019 2 Seasons

An anthology series that uses a rotating repertoire of actors. Each season brings to life a tale from classic children's literature with a dark, modern twist- including a teen slasher based on Rumplestilskin and a retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk with a modern day, home invasion setting.

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Contains Closed Captions Subtitles in English an Other Languages
Created by Melissa MaloneTheresa Labreglio
Genres DramaHorrorThriller
Language English
Country United States

Matilda escaped the clutches of serial kidnapper Robert Stiltskin 25 years ago. When he's released from prison, a masked killer begins taking the lives of the town’s residents and Matilda’s daughter Taylor finds herself the main target. Meanwhile, detectives from the local police department find themselves taunted by riddles as they try to unmask the killer.

A retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk, in a modern day, home invasion setting.

After the death of his father, Jack goes to extremes to help his family find money. He finds his actions come with a price when unexpected visitors show up to take back what was stolen from them. The Jacobs family must then engage in a fight for their lives to survive the intruders’ sadistic games.

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Episodes Trailers