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Burning Violins

These bards are loony people! It's a fairy tale where the bad guys take it in turns with the good ones, an adventure in a time that doesn't exist. It is the story of everyday people who, to be credible, seem to be invented but for God’s sake, not in good faith, but to make fun of those who ignore the problem’s true aspect. This is a bard’s story. And beware, bards cheat!
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"WFILY" delves into the complex moments so many women in their 20s & 30s face today: looking for balance between being strong & feminine, between career & personal life, between having it all & struggling to just keep afloat. She may not have it all figured out, but she's got humor & heart. Besides, balance is kind of overrated...isn't it?
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Gifted Corporation

Hugo Silva is a detective obsessed with uncovering mysteries and unraveling conspiracies. While investigating the case of a serial killer, he joins forces with NYC police detective Sean Thornton. Together they discover an unbelievable conspiracy when they encounter individuals with very unique "gifts" and the ominous company at the center of it all, the Gifted Corporation.
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#NoFilter is a a feminist "Seinfeld" for the millennial generation. Julia and Alice try to teach Julia's brother Jason to be a functioning person in New York City, while dealing with their own neuroses. Instead of a job, Jason finds a new girlfriend, Liz, who quickly inserts herself into their social circle.