If you like Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Conspiracy Coverups!

Carmella Carmichaelangelo is an ex-government agent who now hosts a public access TV show broadcasting out of {REDACTED} in an effort to REVEAL the many secrets some deem too DANGEROUS to EXPOSE.
If you like Action

Super Academy

In a world where Superhero is a valid career choice, Super Academy is the premier college for superheroes. Join Powerkid, Dark Cop, Glyph, and Corona as they test their skills against villains, mysteries, and worst of all... homework.
If you like Romance

The Dating Profiles

This docs-series dives into the world of online dating. We speak to daters of all backgrounds about what "modern love" is like, day in and day out. Brutally honest and bitingly funny, these daters don't hold back. No subject is off limits, no topic too taboo. Daters explore the highs and lows of dating apps, helping us learn the lay of this new landscape, one swipe at a time.
If you like Thriller

After Nightfall

“After Nightfall” is an award-winning web series that asks the question, “Who Killed Troy McLeavey”? When an 18 year old boy from a small town is murdered, everyone is a suspect. His family, his drug dealing Uncle, his boyfriend, his ex-boyfriend and conservative parents, the town thug and the sleazy local bookshop owner. But just who killed Troy McLeavey?