If you like Thriller

Sounds of Freedom

Sounds of Freedom is a series about Julia, a service woman who returns from the Iraq war, and Vietnam Veteran Charlie. Both suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. From their jobs at the local newspaper, and through a series of flashbacks and sessions with a common therapist, these two veterans are challenged to the max when a serial killer strikes at home.
If you like Drama

Yes We Candidate

The story of Jerome Ali and his grassroots campaign to become mayor of his small rural town. Early in his campaign he enlists the help of his college friend and political consultant Sadie. In need of a speechwriter Sadie reaches out to a shark-like consultant and speechwriter named John Bearez and a clash of societal, racial and political identity ensues.
If you like Sci-Fi/Fantasy


A struggling actress who can't be lied to, a British barista who can read minds and a couch potato that knows the future just want to make it through the day. But when a mysterious young woman enters their lives, their abilities - and their friendship - comes under threat.
If you like Musical


DA UNDAGROUND is a music television show meant to honour an era when music videos ruled the world and we truly embraced the union between the work of artists and musicians. This broadcast features performances by prominent artists despite geographical origin in diverse musical genres and disciplines. Comparative in style to early MTV but the scope is to a larger scale.