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Interlude is a poetic amalgamation of two Art Forms. Six homeschooled improvisation theater artists, who in the process of treating a case of amnesia through their art form, unearth their own wounds.
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Number of Silence

Nina Novak, Jan Berg and Viktor Glass discover, that the memories about their lives have been altered. They go on a journey to seek out the truth and to solve the mystery. Bit by bit they realize that time and space have been manipulated and that their completely different lives are entangled in an unusual way.
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Sexism, the image about yourself, depression, all this and much more is part of the history of Mirror Webseries (Espelho). With script and direction by Diego Rodrigues and produced by Canal Prisma, the series tells six stories of six young people who face situations of existential crisis. Will they be able to face their demons?
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Thesha is a visual trip into modern day South African youth culture, experienced through the lives of two teenage friends who are battling with the hard choice of staying in school or dropping out to follow their music ambitions. However, this choice won't be easy with their everyday reality tempting them with quick money solutions, violence, sex and drugs...